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Klein tools is USA based company, primarily known as manufacturer, supplier and distributor of hand tools. They are one of the leader in the market. Klein brand is very popular in electrical and telecommunications industries. They have very popular tools such as Klein Tools Pliers, Test & Measurement, Screwdrivers, Nut Drivers, Tool Bags, Cable & Bolt Cutters, Connecting Devices, Fish Tapes & Conduit Tools, Flashlights, Hammers, Chisels, & Punches. We have huge selection of klein products that you can shop from, including their accessories items. Klein was founded in 1987. They top categories of product are: Hex-Key Wrenches, Holemaking, HVAC, Insulated Tools, Journeyman Series, Knives & Cutting Tools , Levels & Measuring Tools , Lineman Buckets, Lineman's Climbing Equipment, Mining & Heavy Industry Tools, Personal Protection & Safety. Equip yourself and your company with the right tools so you can be the handyman around your home anytimes. Their tools are have the best reviews from customers and from consumers. Here are the top rated ones: Pliers, Power Tool, Saws & Blades, Steel Construction Tools, Strippers, Cutters, & Crimpers , Telecom Tools, Test & Measurement, Tool Bags, Tool Pouches, Carriers, Belts & Suspenders , Tool Sets, Tool Storage, Connectors Voice / Data, Wire Pulling Grips , Wrenches. We have huge selection of Klein Tools to choose from. Shop with for your need of Klein product and have your item delivered to your dock in couple of days with most of product shipping free with no sale taxes. We are pleased to offer Klein their innovative, quality products.

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