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Brook Crompton is a top manufacturer, supplier and distributor of AC electric motors, high efficiency W IE2 and WP IE3 motors, and industrial variable speed motors. They are a global leader in the industrial market. The Brook Crompton company name has very long been recognized as representing innovation and quality in the best design and manufacture of electric motors. They are known for their most popular product including: Single Phase Rolled Steel, Premium Cast Iron, NEMA Explosion Proof, Brake Motors, Variable Speed Motors, Witton Kramer Brake Motors. Brook Crompton is very popular and is made up of many well known and recognized names including Brook Motors, Crompton Parkinson, Newman Electric, GEC Electrodrives, Bull Electric, Brook Hansen, Western Electric (WE Motors) and Hawker Siddeley Electric Motors. Brook Crampton has many location and warehouse to ship your item from. They are known for their quality, reliability and flexibility. With our 9 major distribution warehouses/ centers and a network of distributors and wholesaler, Brook Crompton provides motors where you need them. Brook Crompton Americas have sold products for over 50 years in the USA, Canada and South America. We have huge selection of brook crompton ac motor to choose from. Shop with for your need of brook crompton product and have your item delivered to your dock in couple of days with most of product shipping free with no sale taxes. We are pleased to offer single phase electric motor their innovative, quality products.

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