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When you need Linn Gear, turn to MDW Industrial Supply. Our catalog has wide range of gear bearing & sprockets Linn Gear manufactures stock and custom sprockets, gears and other mechanical power transmission components for industrial applications. Here are the top product from Linn-gear: Helical Bevel Gear Reducer ,Helical Worm Gear Reducer, Inline Helical Gear Reducer, Motor Multiplier , Planetary Gearbox , Reducer Parts and Accessories, Shaft Mounted Reducer , Spiral/Bevel Gear Box, Worm Gear Reducer. Top categories product from this manufacturer are: Mounted Bearings, Non-Rolling Element Bearings, C Hub Sprockets, Double Pitch Sprockets, Double Single Sprockets, Double Sprockets, Finished Bore ,Idler ,Ladder Chain Sprockets ,QD Bushed ,Ready Hub Sprockets , Universal Lateral , Hydraulic Tools , QD Bushings , Ready Hub Bushing , Taper Lock Bushings , Weld-On Hubs , Arc Flash Protection , Automation , Precision Gearhead , Gears & Gear Rack, Bevel Gears ,Change Gears , Gear Rack , Helical Gears , Miter Gears , Pinion Gears , Pinion Wire , Spur Gears , Worm Gears. Linn Gear Company, is headquartered in Lebanon, Oregon and is specialized in the manufacturing and distributor of power transmission products. Linn Gear Company also produces the following products: chain couplings, gears, sprockets, shafts, bushings, set collars and key stock. Formed in 1954, Linn Gear Company is capable of also custom manufacturing products to meet the specific requirements of a particular customer or application. Linn Gear Company services a wide array of different industries, and is capable of meeting the requirements of any size customer. Other product from this seller: Hydraulics and Pneumatics , Air Cylinders , Air Valves , Fittings and Connectors , Gearmotors , Motor Accessories & Parts , Clamps & Strapping , Worm Gear Clamps , Tensioners and Idlers, Lighting, Personal Protective Equipment , Fasteners ,Keystock , Rod End Bearings, Self-Aligning Bearings, Thrust Bearings, Single Phase Motors, A Plate Sprockets, B Hub Sprockets, Taper Lock Sprockets ,Triple Sprockets ,Conveyor Roll End Bearing, Clutches and Brakes , Clutch, Couplings & Collars, Chain Couplings , Gear Couplings , Jaw Couplings , Multi Beam , Shaft Collars ,Shear Type Coupling , U-Joints.

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