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Chronomite is the world top supplier and distributor of tankless water heater. Their main product include: The Mini Tank water heaters, Instant-Flow SR, Instant-Flow Micro, Instant-Temp, Instant-Flow Micro, Model M-P-NP Series Mighty-Mite Tankless, and High Capacity Water Heaters Water Heater. Their product is used for sinks, lavatories, dishwashers, showers, eye washes, and eye face washes. Chronomite also manufacture flow control product including male and female laminar flow control. Chronomite was founded decades ago, and since 1966 has been the top provider of water heaters in many industries including commercial, industrial, institutional and residential. Their units offer on-demand, unlimited hot water supply by heating the water as it goes through the celcon waterways. Their uniquely designed element assembly, which allows flow-through abrasive action of water, creates a self-cleaning feature, eliminating alkali calcification build-up. We have huge selection of chronomite water heater to choose from. Shop with for your need of chronomite product and have your item delivered to your dock in couple of days with most of product shipping free with no sale taxes. We are pleased to offer chronomite their innovative, quality products.

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