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This company now known as Apollo® Valves earned a reputation for developing new and best products to meet emerging market demands for valves. Back in 1968, the Apollo introduced its most popular Apollo Series 70 ball valve to the commercial market. This product will become the most specified ball valve in the world. Since then Apollo has expanded its products to include Butterfly Valves, Level Gages, Backflow Preventers, Check Valves, Gate and Globe Valves as well as Automatic Control Valves, to service both Industrial and Commercial Industries. Apollo known then as Conbraco Industries was founded when two Detroit-based manufacturers of brass valves and fittings merged together in 1928 to form Consolidated Brass Company. After 80 years later, Conbraco is an American success story that's still being written. Apollo valves are found in all plumbing and heating systems but generally go unnoticed until disaster hit. Valves are used as emergency shutoff devices for water, gas, or oil systems and must function adequately to ensure a safe and perfect plumbing or heating system. They regulate flow in hydronic systems and can be used for drainage purposes as well. In general Boiler drain valves drain sediment that accumulates in boilers, and Y-Strainers remove debris from steam and gas systems. We carry a huge variety of plumbing valves, including ball valve assemblies in brass, bronze and carbon steel for the use with water, oil and natural gas systems. Or choose 2- or 3-way general purpose solenoid water valve kits for controlling and mixing water, chemicals and inert gases. When installing a sump disposal, wastewater or ejector line, adding a check valve provides the necessary backstop to prevent backflow from contaminating clean water. Actuators & Controls, Backflow Prevention, Balancing Ball Valves, Fittings, Gate, Globe, Check Valves & Strainers, Water Pressure Reducing Automatic Control Valves, Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker, Double Check Detector Assemblies, Double Check Valve Assemblies, Dual Checks, Dual Checks With Atmospheric Port, Hose Bib Vacuum Breaker, Pressure Vacuum Breakers, Reduced Pressure , detector Assemblies, Reduced Pressure Principle Assemblies, Safety Relief Vacuum Relief Mixing Needle Ball Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Medical Gas Valves, Intake strainers, Gauge Siphon Cocks, Water Gauges, Bibb Faucets

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