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Praher is top manufacturer of quality valves and fittings, supplier to manufacturers and distributors. Their most popular product include: BACKWASH VALVES, BALL, DRAIN, 3-WAY ROTARY, UNIONS, FITTINGS, SOLAR CONTROLLER, DIAPHRAGM, ELECTRICALLY ACTUATED, GATE, INLINE STRAINERS, AUTOMATIC BACKWASH, CHECK, BUTTERFLY. They also distribute commercial product such as the following: S4 BALL VALVES, BUTTERFLY VALVES, DIAPHRAM VALVES, CHECK VALVES, GATE VALVES, STRAINERS, FLOW METERS, AUTOMATED VALVES, ACCESSORIES FOR BALL VALVES, PIPE CLAMPS, SPARE PARTS. Praher is privately owned company. They are located in Canada and are supplied to many industries including: commercial, pool and spa. Shop for Praher from and have your product delivered to your door step the following day, with free shipping on most item.

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