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Chicago Faucet has been one of the top leader in manufacture ring of commercial faucets for over 100 years. They are the distributor behind the brand name Chicago faucets. We offers a huge selection of Chicago Faucet products to meet your any of your immediate needs, that include complete faucets, food service fixtures, eyewash stations, specialty fittings and valves. Chicago Faucets is a favorite brand for consumer and commercial restaurant and business for many reasons: they offer top-quality products that feature expert craftsmanship for both residential and commercial need. The best and top review materials and best engineering go into the manufacturing and supply of Chicago Faucets faucet products for the bathroom and kitchen. Bold finishes, stylish designs, and durable brass construction are all hallmarks of their much recognized brand. From wall-mounted pot filler faucets to double-jointed spouts, you should be able find all your product needed for your particular installation. Here is the most popular of their kitchen faucet: Kitchen Single-Handle Kitchen Two-Handle Pot Fillers Bar Faucets Kitchen Wall-Mount Side Sprays, Spouts and Wands. As for your need for bathroom product, they have many selection available for your need: Lavatory Center set Two-Handle Lavatory Wall-Mount Rough Plumbing Valves. They carry many shower product that are quick to be delivered upon ordering. The later include: Shower heads Handles and Inserts Shower Two-Handle Shower Hoses Wall Elbows, Mounts, Unions, and Connectors. They are known to be top seller of the following product of their line: Utility Faucets Replacement Cartridges Repair Parts Stop Valves Lavatory Drains Rotary Waste Battery Packs and Chargers Faucet Aerators Faucet Repair Kits Nuts, Bolts, and Washers Escutcheon Plates Hose Bibbs and Garden Valves Escutcheons Faucet Connectors Waste and Overflow Accessories Valves and Actuators Tempering Valves Replacement Handles and Kits O-Rings Drain Stoppers, Plugs and Caps Retainer Clips Faucet Gaskets. Chicago faucet also manufacturer the following product: Commercial Kitchen Faucets Commercial Lavatory Faucets Electronic Faucets Commercial Metering Faucets Service Sink Faucets Water Coolers Commercial Flush Valves Vacuum Breakers Commercial Flush Valve Repair Parts Eye and Face Washer. All Faucet is design to provide you with the best for your kitchen faucets, and they continue to make their product with their customers in mind. Chicago Faucets offers a wide range of commercial kitchen faucets that could be the perfect match for your specified environment. Anything from standard faucets to side spray accompaniment to bar faucets, Chicago Faucets has it everything you need.

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