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Search for Specific part number in the search box Get all you fasteners, grating for fiberglass from G clips supplier and distributor. Fastens grating to a horizontal-facing steel structural member edge. Their popular model GG- describes an assembly of fastener parts identical but mostly for materials of construction, that each of them contain three common parts. First is a G-Clips unique top for better and very easy holding strength and to suit 19W4 grating. Second, a G-Clips patented bottom connects to most beam underside. A hex-headed cap screw connects the two, and its length suits very well and perfectly the grating height being installed. Here are some of their popular model: Model GG, WSSGG, SSGC " narrow-mesh Close-Grip", GN-1, GG-0 "Short-Grip", fiberglass FSSGG, FSSGF, XSSGG rectangular top, YSSGG Squared top (square-mesh fiberglass grating), Model GT-R Round top for odd-spaced grating bar setups, and SSGT-R. These are very easy to install fasteners; Here is the simple way to do the installation: Determine the total height of grating. Describe grating configuration, so to specify proper top assembly to suit grating being installed. Here some of their GN series with different grating thickness with GN-1A, GN-1B, GN-1C, GN-1D, GN-1E. These are the GG-1 series. G-Clip model GN-1 is a very galvanized carbon steel grating fastener used mostly to fasten 15-space bar grating to structural shapes, where the structural flange is usually in a horizontal plane. This unit has a narrower width than our GG-1 series. They also produce saddle clips with in the following model; F-10 Saddle Clip, I-60-1 Saddle Clip which is use generally in fiberglass gratings. They grating top are made in the following model: Model GT-R, Model SSGT-R, Model GT-W, Model SSGT-W, Model SSGT-F, Model SSGT-FF, Model SSGT-X, SSGT-Y, SSGT-Z. They also have a huge selection in the variety of the GG model, including: GG-1A, GG-2A, GG-3A, GG-4A, GG-1B, GG-2B, GG-3B, GG-4B, GG-1C, GG-2C, GG-3C, GG-4C, GG-1D, GG-2D, GG-3D, GG-4D, GG-1E, GG-2E, GG-3E, GG-4E. Their Close-Mesh grating to structural shapes are made of the following model: RSSGC-1, RSSGC-2, RSSGC-3, RSSGC-4, RSSGC-1A, RSSGC-2A, RSSGC-3A, RSSGC-4A, RSSGC-1B, RSSGC-2B, RSSGC-3B, RSSGC-4B, RSSGC-1C, RSSGC-2C, RSSGC-3C, RSSGC-4C, RSSGC-1D, RSSGC-2D, RSSGC-3D, RSSGC-4D, RSSGC-1E, RSSGC-2E,RSSGC-3E, RSSGC-4E. Most Distributor of hardware including wire and cable clamps supply g clips and saddle clips. You need to measure hardware fasteners for the appropriate amount of pressure by tightening the cable or steel grating clips. Hot dipped galvanized steel clamps Usually have a full vinyl plastisol coating and are very corrosion resistant. In general a hose clamp is one of the most very secure ways to seal and attach your hoses onto fittings. You can select from a wide variety of cables and clamp sets for most in not all your industrial hardware needs .Shop for any of those grating fasteners or any of those G clips, and have them deliver to your door stop in couple days with mostly free shipping.

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