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Shop with for your fasteners product and have it delivered to your door in couple days. . Here is a list of their main product: Powers C5 Trak-it Pins and Tools, Powers Fasteners Wedge-Bolt, Power-Stud, Powers AC100+ Gold Concrete Adhesive, Powers Tapcons Tapper, Powers Lok-Bolt AS, Power-Bolt Sleeve Anchor, Powers Drive and Spike Anchors, Powers Drywall Anchors, Powers Nailin Anchors, Hollow-Set Dropin Anchors. Here are some additional product that we carry from this manufacturer; Powers Powder Actuated Fastening System, Powers Drop-In Anchors, Powers Lag Shield Anchors, Powers Double Expansion Anchor. Here some their most popular product: Powers Vertigo+ Rod Hanger System, Powers Epoxy, Powers Track-It Gas Fastening System, Powers Wedge-Bolt+ Galvanized and Stainless, Power-Stud Wedge Anchor Galvanized and Stainless, Spike (Perma-Seal) Roofing Anchor, Powerlite Nylon Roofing Anchor, Powerlite Nylon Roofing Anchor. Powers Fasteners has always been a worldwide top pioneer in the fastening industry since its formation in1921 and today is still the leading supplier and distributor of concrete and masonry anchors and fastening systems in North America and Canada. Powers has extensive engineering and manufacturing expertise in many product groups, including mechanical anchors, adhesive anchoring systems and powered forced-entry systems such as powder-actuated and gas fastening systems. Anchors are all available to purchase from to fasten your material for a secure hold. In general an anchor screw is mostly held with grooves and slotting to grip and hold back the weight of your anchor base. All Drywall anchors usually use the spiral or hook method at the end of the anchor mostly to prevent it from coming out of the wall as a winch anchor. Shop at for powers fasteners with us to find toggle bolts for concrete and cement in masonry applications

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