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Rittal is multi- Corporation,with headquarter in Springfield, Ohio, and is a part of Rittal International—They are leading enclosure manufacturer with offices in over 80 countries. They have wide range of Rittal products that provides advanced, comprehensive performance with intelligent engineering. Rittal industrial cabinet systems, 19" electronic components, climate control, power distribution systems, data communication platforms, kiosks, and outdoor enclosures offer very advanced products for every packaging of your need. It was Founded in 1961, Rittal and has grown and developed into one of the largest enclosure manufacturers in in USA, and in the world. Rittal's list of international distributors includes some of the world's most successful companies in the industrial, electronic, telecommunication, and data communication industries. They most popular products include: Air Conditioners, Blower, Electric Heaters, Fan & Blower, Fan Tray, Fans, Heat Exchangers, Heatsinks, Insulators, Sockets and Kits, Motor Accessories, Motor-Drive Combination, Motorized Impeller Accessories, Motorized Impellers, Motors, Thermal Pads, Thermoelectric Coolers. Rittal manufactures enclosures for electrical panels, network servers, and for protecting electronics/electrical components and wiring. Also: Power distribution equipment, PLS busbars, climate control systems, and installation monitoring and security units. Rittal supply : Carbon Steel Wallmount Enclosures, Carbon Steel Junction Boxes, Stainless Steel Wallmount Enclosures, Air Conditioners, Filter Fans.

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