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Coxreels is the world top manufacturer and distributor of heavy-duty industrial hose, cord and cable reels, with world-wide distribution. Here are the top line product: Spring driven, ez-coil, hand crank, motorized, and motor driven hose. At Coxreels you can find all motor-driven, new hand-cranked or retractable hose reel, with permanently and safely lubed bearings, self-locking safety latch and corrosion-resistant finish. Find hose reels mountable on floors, walls, ceilings, workbenches or inside your truck. When you need a combo electrical cord and air hose reel, Coxreels has all of them to satisfy your need. Are you working in a very charged environment? You may need to use a grounding cable reel for your own safety and the safety of your staff. Coxreels also carries top line hose reel maintenance hardware and related product. Some of Coxreels reel "Combination" spring driven air hose/electric cord reels are two solid reels in one simple compact assembly. They are your perfect product for applications that will require pneumatic air and an electrical power feed. The single expanded mounting base will create stability and will add to the convenience of one mounting pattern. This combo is also available in dual (double) hose combinations. Shop for Coxreels with and get you items delivered right to your door step in couple days, with free ship on most item

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